Team 'Rake' post session (Off-season Nov/Dec 2010)


  Training camp in Valdoreix, Barcelona (Autumn, 2010)


  Pre-tournament preparations with the 92's in Merida, Mexico. (Winter 2009)


  Welcome to Miami!!! Crandon Park pre-Orange Bowl with the 92's. (December 2009)


  Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil! (December 2009)


  The art of motivation!!! Athlete in full flight......or is it fright!! (Autumn, 2010)


  Attention to detail (AS, Summer 2010)


   One foot down, but at least a foot taller!! (DI, Winter 2010)


  Do my guns look big in this!  Using the mirrors and multi-directional cable machine to increase stance width, increase strength and stability around the hip and increase rotational component of groundstrokes - funtional and specific!! (LB, Autumn 2010)   


  It's a long and lonely road!!! Sneaking in a quick acclimation and acclimatisation session during a training camp with the boys in the hills of Barcelona (Summer, 2010)


  If you talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk!! (AJP, Spring 2009)